Payday Loans : Borrowing Money that Makes Everything Possible

Who is the Classic Payday Loan Intended For?


  • You need a certain amount at a certain time; with a traditional payday loan you can purchase something or pay an invoice: anything is possible!
  • A traditional payday loan is the solution for one-off events and exceptional circumstances.
  • A traditional payday loan is intended for natural persons who are at least 18 years old, who reside in Belgium or in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and who have a fixed income.

A Payday Loan? No Problem

A payday loan? No problem

A payday loan offers you security in the form of a fixed amount, a fixed term and a fixed interest rate. payday loans are particularly suitable for financing one-off, major expenses such as a new kitchen or a large trip.

Taking out a payday loan is no problem at all with us. We have more than 11 agencies throughout Belgium, so you can easily come to us to see what the options are. In addition, you can also take out a loan by telephone, or even very easily via our website.

There you can first perform a simulation for your payday loan , so that you can immediately see what the options are, and then you can apply for the loan directly there.

More information in this article:

  • How high can your payday loan be?
  • Make your dreams come true with an installment loan.

Where You can Use a Payday Loan?


You can use your payday loan for anything. You do not have to give account, nor do you have to say what you want to use the money for.

A payday loan in Belgium is therefore suitable for fun expenses such as a week in New York, a new design kitchen or a home cinema, but can also offer a solution if you are faced with less fun, unexpected events that you need to be able to respond quickly to.

Storm damage to your house, for example, or an accident on holiday. We only look at your payday situation to assess what a responsible loan is for you.

Think about it:

  • What can you expect from your payday loan ?
  • Request a loan easily.

Advantages of Classic Payday Loan


  • You choose the amount you want to borrow (request a payday loan ), the term and how much you want to repay each month: this way you will never be faced with unexpected surprises!
  • The interest rate is fixed immediately and definitively.
  • The amount of money is deposited directly into your account in one go: this saves you time!
  • You can buy what you want or do what you need and you do not have to give any account.

In Belgium, the Traditional Payday Loan is the Ideal Solution for these Exceptional Situations

In Belgium, the traditional payday loan is the ideal solution for these exceptional situations

Life is just that way: sometimes we immediately need money quickly when a unique opportunity presents itself, or when something unexpected happens.

  • finance a plan: new kitchen, city trip, wedding, etc.
  • cope with an unexpected event: a gripping event within the family, an accident, a natural disaster, etc.

With a traditional payday loan you can spread your payments: we advance the full amount and you repay it at your own pace according to the conditions of your agreement.

If you need a cheap payday loan for the renovation of your home, the purchase of a new car or any other project, we help you calculate your payday loan and you get a simulation of your loan that presents everything more clearly. We are always at your side and helps you make your dreams come true by offering you a payday loan immediately.

Are you Interested in a Traditional Payday Loan?

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  • We are ready for you in one of our many offices.
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