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Catalunya Credito is an entity that is dedicated to giving loans online to people who need an entrance of money for a specific moment of their life.

The foundations of the company, are completely focused on customer service, that is, the company specializes in finding solutions tailored to the people who approach them, giving them a completely specialized treatment, both in loans and mortgages.

All the cases that arrive at the entity of , are studied in a personalized way. Once the case is seen in full, the client will be given the best options regarding their credit, always looking at the interest and economic stability of the person who asks for it and the reason in this case is simple; If the client has the solvency to pay his credit, he will not stop paying it.

This is the reason why the entity prefers to see each case in a specific way.

What makes Catalunya Credito different?

What makes Catalunya Credito different?


Catalunya Credito , is one of the few credit entities that we can say is 100% pending of its clients. They are made three different essential things when looking for a company for loans, speed, ease and financing.

  1. The speed. The speed with which the company acts so that customers can have the credits as soon as possible, is almost immediate. All the professionals that are inside the company, have the adequate training to be able to solve any type of problem at any moment, what makes that you have a much higher speed that you express that you can not solve your problems perfectly.
  2. Ease. Making complicated things seem much easier than they are is not simple. For us, it is paramount that our customers find the greatest number of facilities possible. In case a client can not communicate with the company, they have a support team that helps with all the information.
  3. Financing up to 100%. The entity has the possibility to finance up to 100% of money in almost all circumstances or to offer a solution to almost all the problems that a client may present.

Advantages of choosing

Advantages of choosing


The advantages of a company with the seriousness of Catalunya Credito are remarkable

  • You can borrow quickly for three types of moments in your life . You can ask for a personal loan that helps you get through any unforeseen payment; You can ask for mortgages with 100% financing and you can ask for a reunification of debts, that is, the company solves all the debts with the multiple companies to which you owe and creates a single fee that you will pay them.
  • The company carries out a study without commitment in which you do not have to pay anything . That is, the company will conduct an investigation of your accounts so that they can give you the best options for your loan.
  • You have a simulator in which you must put the amount of money you need and the number of months in which you will pay . This will allow you to see your monthly fee and make a realistic management on whether or not you can pay that credit that you are about to ask, before getting into debt.

The main features of Catalunya Crédito

Fast and direct It is a company that specializes in giving credits to its clients, but helping them with the best benefits for them. This is because the professionals of the entity are qualified to look for the best option for them and not so much for the company, which makes Take the time to see, on a case by case basis, the clients that arrive at Catalunya Crédito .

Discretion. You can have the peace of mind that all the data that you give to the company will remain in complete confidentiality and will not be given to third parties, since it is one of the company’s policies but they will be kept as reference for future credits.

100% financing on your mortgage loan. Unlike other entities in which you must have a saved money for the purchase of a house, in Catalunya Crédito you do not need to do this since they give you 100% of the financing you need for your home.

The company calls you. Do not waste time filling out questionnaires that are only going to hinder the process. The company gets in touch with you and you will be able to ask all your questions in real time.

Is it safe to ask for a loan at Catalunya Crédito?

Is it safe to ask for a loan at Catalunya Crédito?


Without a doubt, we are faced with a company that does not play alone when it comes to giving loans and is supported by large national and international banks.

Also, in case you do not know whether or not you can request a loan with the entity, they will carry out a study without you having to pay absolutely nothing for it.

For this, you will only have to fill out a small form in which you will be asked for some personal and economic data with the possibility of having from 30,000 to 30,000 euros.

Requirements of Catalunya Crédito


  1. To apply for a loan with Catalunya, you must be at least 18 years old
  2. You must have a valid identification
  3. You must have a bank account in Spanish territory.
  4. You must not have outstanding debts

Interest rates of Catalunya Crédito


With Catalunya , given that each case is unique, you choose the interest rate that you will be charged and the number of months in which you want to return. However, the minimum interest rate is 4.95% APR with a maximum of 5.09% and a term between 6 and 96 months without this having any commission for opening.

You can ask for a loan with ASNEF in Catalonia


Not for the moment.

Customer service of Catalunya Crédito


For Catalonia , one of the most important things is the closeness with customers, so it puts at your disposal several ways in which you can talk to a professional company. One of the main ones is through your website where you can send a request for a loan, but it is not the only one.

Within the main page you also have an option where you can leave your phone number and they will be in charge of contacting you and giving you the best attention. You also have the possibility to send them an email before requesting the loan. You can do this directly from the page in the contact with us tab in which you only have to put your name and last name and they will contact you.

If you prefer to do it from your personal email account, you can contact the company at any time at .

Finally, you can be the one to make a phone call and talk to a professional who will solve all the doubts you may have.

Contact details of Catalunya Crédito

  • Address.- Arrer de Jaume I, number 5, 43005 – Tarragona
  • Telephone900 107 107

Types of loans in Catalonia

Types of loans in Catalonia


Personal loans

Personal loans are undoubtedly the specialty of Catalunya Crédito . Here you can get up to 15,000 euros in just two days with the insurance that the company will find the best options for you.

Inheritance problems

If you are having inheritance problems, Catalunya Crédito can help you, since they keep track of your client, since the person who inherits until the client receives the goods dies. They are responsible for carrying out any procedure that may be needed during the process, as well as any type of payment such as taxes, capital gains, etc.

The person who will inherit will have personalized contact at any time with one of the company’s advisors, who will help and inform each of the steps taken. This will ensure that the person has full control of their assets to inherit.

The professionals of inheritance, have the adequate preparation to know what the client requires at all times and how to help you get your goods as soon as possible


With Catalunya Crédito you can get 100% of your mortgage. It is not a secret that most of the companies that give mortgages handle 80% of the total housing, however in Catalonia you can get up to 100% without problem.

Catalonia works with strong banking entities that can get you the best conditions at the lowest price. In addition, on the page you can access the mortgage simulator, which will help you to know if you really are able to have a mortgage or not.

Dissolution of condominiums

If you have just suffered a break and do not want to sell your house you can also enjoy this service with Catalunya Credito, since they carry out a dissolution of condominiums in which any obligation to pay to one of the parties is waived and the another part 100% of them.

Payment Dation

This option is perfect for people who feel they can not pay their mortgage. Get in touch with the entity and they will be the ones that help you negotiate with your bank and get you a better payment option than if you can take charge.

Debt reunification

With this option you have to make a clarification, not all people are suitable for a reunification of debts. However, with Catalunya Credito you can enjoy up to 60% reduction in monthly payments, which is a great relief for many families.

Legal advice

This option is designed for customers who can no longer afford their debts. Catalunya Crédito and its lawyers will help you with the legal problems that have arisen from the purchase of a property or any expense for rent.

With the entity, you can resolve from procedures with private companies, to procedures with town halls or cadastres, not everything is lost.

How to request loans from Catalunya Credito

How to request loans from Catalunya Credito


Although there are several ways in which you can apply for a loan with the entity, one of the most popular is undoubtedly the option of the form through a web page.

To do this, you just have to fill out this form with your personal and economic data.

You will also have to put the amount of money you want the amount to lend you and the time you need to return it. Children under your care, if you have your home in payment even or the employment situation are some of the questions by means of which the entity will assess the capacity and solvency with which you account. You also have a space where you can express your doubts or concerns.

Once you have the complete form, you just have to send it to the company and a professional from Catalunya Crédito will contact you in less than two days. For that moment, the company will have a perfectly detailed study about you and they will know what loans you can access and which ones you can not, giving you as a client, exclusivity and preference at all times. If you are a suitable client and all your data is correct, the entity will send you an email with a contract that you must accept. Everything will be perfectly detailed in this contract, including payments and collection dates. Save that email, as it is your contract with the company and read everything very well before accepting.

If you are not suitable for the type of credit you have requested, the entity will contact you to offer you one that is more suitable to your possibilities. Remember that the idea is not to borrow more, but to help you get out of debt.

Extensions and postponements

Although the entity does not currently have the option to extend or postpone , Catalunya credits is fully designed for customers to achieve their dreams, so if at any time you can not take charge of any of the payments for which you have committed, Do not hesitate and talk to the professionals who will have a suitable option for you.

Customer reviews about Catalunya credits

Customer reviews about Catalunya credits


  • My dream since I was a child was to be able to get married and have one of the best weddings of my life, with everything that I dreamed, come on, what a wedding in style. Today, already married I can say that it was thanks to Catalunya Credito that I could achieve it
  • As a new entrepreneur, it is not easy to get companies interested in financing projects that do not know if they are going to work or not, however thanks to Catalunya Credito, I found the possibility of enjoying the beginning of my new life. I was able to access my project in a very fast and simple way and start my business without any problem.
  • I had many solvency problems and this type of entity was recommended to me by a friend just when the debts were consuming me. In my case, accept the reunification of debts and pass to pay more than 3,000 euros in debt to have a single debt of 800 euros. In addition, they all treated me with a lot of love and empathy and resolved all my doubts quickly.
  • The employees are people, attentive and professional. They help in what they can. Of the few entities that do not send pensioners to ATMs, which tend to get mixed up a lot. This allows those of us who have the most control over technology to be quick to take our steps.




The entity is designed for current problems and the need to get fast money that comes before any bill or medical expense so that most people are not prepared.

It is one of the few entities focused on their clients and thinking about how to help them, not only to obtain immediate loans but also to avoid having problems in the future with payments.

The human treatment and the possibility of being able to speak at any time with a professional and not with a machine as it happens in many companies, makes the contact between people and similarly the closeness of the client company is much greater in all respects, not So much at the time of asking for a loan, but at the time of asking for help when you can not pay it.

Remember also that it is an entity dedicated to other types of procedures, including the possibility of helping you get an inheritance or having advice from lawyers trained in property issues.

The platform has the best professionals in the market in what refers to finding the best type of loan for clients, since they have different agreements with the best credit companies nationally and internationally. Among the benefits they can give their clients, is to finance a home or just give a little money to families.


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